Script Review: [Commie] Acchi Kocchi – 01

Acchi Kocchi is like Lucky Star, had the girls actually gone outside or done stuff. Oh, wait. There’s a guy, too.

Well, almost.

r/a/ge level: 80/100. It’s Commie, and they so blasphemously localized the tsundere joke. How dare they?!

No honorifics. Eastern/Spoken name order. English lyrics for the opening and ending.

The abbreviation for miss should have a period. It’s pretty consistent otherwise.

I got the meaning of the line, but they probably meant “acting up.”

Although some people are sticklers about further vs. farther, I don’t really care. They actually can be used interchangeably when referring to distance. It’s just that only further can be used in the adverbial sense. Vocabulary lesson of the day!

Machines would be the literal translation. I’d know after seeing the same thing in Baka and Test where someone refers to Shouko in this way. “Technology” is probably the word they should’ve used.

Teehee. I also would’ve accepted “More party members?!”

Comma unnecessary. The subject is the opponent, and the line just continues on.

Here’s another fun fact: Fairy tale can also be spelled as fairytale. Just be consistent.

This is a really good localization of tsundere. The entire exchange feels really natural, so if you don’t know what tsundere means, you’ll still get the gist of the situation. This isn’t an entry-level anime by any means, but it’s good to keep all of your viewers in the loop.

That’s the thing people don’t really understand about localization. It isn’t about ruining the language or anything like that. Ideally, you keep the idea of the joke in a way that’s understandable for most English speakers. In this case, Tsumiki is saying something she doesn’t really mean, but the others can tell.

What I liked:

The dialogue in this anime isn’t exactly difficult to improve if you’ve ever attended high school, but I could see the jokes in this anime getting difficult to manage. Still, everything flowed well, like real students talking, joking, etc. The bit on random vs. chance encounters was nicely handled, in addition to the other jokes.

+ Great dialogue

+ Great jokes

What I didn’t like:

There were some minor derps and a couple less-than-ideal choices in phrasing. However, the excellent management of the jokes honestly made up for those.

– Minor mistakes

– Minor phrasing derps

– I hate the show

Overall Grade: 5-hit combo into a super move… out of 5.

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