Typesetting review: Medaka Box (updated)

Medaka Box typesetting review

Groups: SubDESU, WhyNot, FFFine


What’s going—

Oh god is this what it looks like?

Yes, yes it is.

Just a few more as the sign fades out. Really impressive work here. (no, not really)

There is nothing good about this sign.

This is so bad.

Probably a good thing they didn’t try this one since it moves around a lot.

At least it has a border and a shadow?


Fuck this. I’m just going to insert a bunch more screenshots here. They should speak for themselves.


Well, this follows the motion very well (Mocha is cool like that) but the sign itself looks weird. Not sure why they have a border and have that blurred instead of the font itself.

For some reason this starts 6 frames late.

Font choice could be better. It’d probably look better with more blur too.

Bad font choice, fade is weird, \t(\fs) looks really bad on VSFilter. Sign should have a shadow instead of a border.

I guess this is fine.

See my comments above.

This part looks decent.

This “Hopeful Anonymous” part doesn’t, though. Not sure why they used a different font than the other parts of this sign because it seems like a decent match.

Needs blur.

Not sure why this isn’t centered. It looks good otherwise.

Neither is this, really.

Yeah, this looks better.

The bottom scrolls along with the sign but the top doesn’t. Also, the font choice doesn’t really make any sense.

More of the same.


Guess the third time is not the charm because this font is missing.

This would look way better with 2 layers.

That’s an awful lot of blur.

Nope, this is all bad.

These are good.

I guess this is kind of a hard font to match.

This is a joke, right?

See above.

The border should be black. Also, would look much better as 2 layers.

I guess this part is okay.


The “shadow” should be on the top/left, not bottom/right.

[ ] blur correctly added at the beginning
[X] blur correctly added at the end

Masking someone that has a gradient is not the best idea unless you cover the entire thing.

All one layer and off center.

The title part is great. The other part? Not so much.

This is good.

No. Just no. There’s no reason to use Mocha for this sign either.

This should have 2 shadows, a black one and a lighter, transparent one underneath. The font isn’t good either. Oh, and Mocha was used in a way that makes it look kind of bad with VSFilter.

Everything after Dear in the first line is the wrong color.

Movement is off, drifts to the left.

And this is just way wrong.

This is fine.

See above.

Decent, but would look better with 2 layers.

That’s an interesting place to put “Box 2”. Also, the colors are wrong.

Apparently they spent quite a bit of time on this. Doing what I have no idea, because this is not very good.


SubDESU: F. This show has a ton of typesetting and their typesetting is so bad it’s distracting and ruins the viewing experience.

WhyNot: C. A lot of the signs are there and decently done. Only a few are really bad.

FFFine: C+. Better than WhyNot’s but still not very good. Not sorted by time.

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19 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Medaka Box (updated)

  1. As a layman I can’t really understand why no one masked the “Inauguration Ceremony” or the “Student Council Room” signs. Those should be quite simple, or am I wrong?

  2. From which version are the screenshots for FFFwine? The font isn’t missing for the first screenshot for me in [FFFine] Medaka Box – 01 [10bit][F0641663].

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