Translation review: [HorribleSubs] Tsuritama 01

I’m still not entirely sure how I’ll handle simulcasts, but what I am sure about is that I’ll review at least the two noitaminA shows. (But not any edits – I’ll leave those to the editors.)


The show might take place in Enoshima, but this fish is talking in a really thick Kansai dialect. It’s totally lost in translation.

“Could’ve been worse.”

The typesetting and the lyrics quality in simulcasts always amazes me. The opening song is Fujifabric by the way. I like Fujifabric.

The テンパる (tenparu) in the title is a clever wordplay. On the one hand, in mahjong it’s “fishing” for the last tile (聴牌 tenpai) to win a round. It also means to panic. (Don’t ask me about the etymology.)

Do you know what a hannya is? I guessed so. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t either, until I looked it up. In this context I think he means the scary-looking hannya masks, which refers to the weird face Yuki makes when he panics.

Conclusion: Okay

The translation is accurate, as expected from an official release. But even if it was a fansub, I wouldn’t call it great – for the simple reason that it’s not funny. It’s like they only cared about the words, and didn’t even bother trying to get jokes and emotions through. A good editor could do wonders with this script I guess. I won’t check edited releases – translation accuracy should only improve (yeah I know I’m a hopeless optimist), and I rather leave judging editing quality to editors.

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