Translation review: [HorribleSubs] Sakamichi no Apollon 01

The opening is tough as hell. (Of course it’s not translated in the simulcast.) I don’t envy the people who have to figure it all out. Let me make it easier google that for you.

どうしよう あなたに出会うまでの私忘れちゃったわ
ララバイオブバードランド 坂道蹴りながら
服のまま泳ごうよ 跳ねる
スウィングしたらハイなスピード サラウンド
それは何ていうダンス 止まらないよ
行かないで 耳に絡みついてもう離れないよ
メロディーは 恋みたいだ

Lullaby of Birdland mentioned in the third line is a quite famous song.

Is it just me or these lines are quite hard to read because of the timing?

This is so badly phrased I could call it a mistake. Literally it would be “You should do your best not to lose to him”, and more liberally I’d put “Show him it’s not easy to be the best in class here” or something like that.

I’m a bit uncertain about this line so I’ll rather keep quiet.

She suddenly switched to Kyushu dialect from standard Japanese. The change in the style of English reflects this well.

Being a being able to speak English, even being a being that people call a fansubber?

Ellipses aren’t supposed to be used like that.

The ending is easy.

Conclusion: Okay

The script has a few weird mistakes and stuff I’d never put in a release. I pointed out that they handled the switch between standard and Kyushu Japanese well, but that’s actually just the first time – later that distinction is lost (and I think it’s kind of important how Kaoru will start using more and more of the local dialect as a sign of blending in). I think that an editor who knows just enough Japanese to distinguish the Kyushu dialect could turn this script into something awesome. But then again, I’ll leave reviewing edits to editors.

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