Translation review: [Commie] Sankarea 02

There was so much butthurt about my review of the first episode that I decided to have a look at the second one as well.


He’s referring to that she’s sitting in that terribly uncomfortable Japanese way.

This may be a terrible pun on the words “friend” (お仲間 o-nakama) and “belly, stomach” (お腹 o-naka). Even if it wasn’t intended in the Japanese, it could end up funny in English.

“Seriously doubt” might be a bit too strong.

I laughed.

攻め系 (seme-kei) describes people who are really aggressive in the bedroom.

The possession half is not said.

The second half isn’t needed. The timing is a bit weird too.

So very fitting.

Just reading these lines makes me want to torture that old fucker to death.

“Hey! Don’t touch me there!”

Conclusion: Great

The translator must be really in his element with this show. There are inaccuracies (two lines off, two lines with stuff added), but in general the flow is great and it’s very enjoyable.

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8 thoughts on “Translation review: [Commie] Sankarea 02

  1. I just pointed out the discrepency between your review score and 8th’s. If he’s right that the translation accuracy is a D- and you called the translation “great”, I would have to call into question your ability to accurately review translations and even your ability to translate in general.

  2. Actually I spotted ~ 10 major errors and so much minor ones that I was too lazy to count them ;p
    I don’t know on what basis you reviewed their release, but accuracy is very bad and the translator is certainly not in element with this show and especially not with the Japanese language.

    The flow is indeed pretty good, which is a result of the fact that the editor working on the show is not a total fag and can in fact be considered pretty good. Most likely the TL guessed a lot, strained his dictionary and the editor turned it into a smooth read. There are only like ~5 active fan translators I consider to be actually good. Commie can be considered as an average group with a couple of solid/average translators so that premise alone makes it almost impossible for any of commie’s release to be “really great/epic” from a translators point of view.

    They’re certainly an enrichment for the vast majority of non-japanese speaking international otaku-bros, seeing as they do a lot of things right where other fansubs fail to deliver, but in all honesty and respect, their sankarea translation sucks.

  3. Being able to provide a fluent, natural read is indeed a skill to be envious of. Unfortunately my English skill doesn’t suffice for that, so I’m very dependent on good editors. If your translator improved his Japanese, he’d have quite the potential to become a good translator.

    I’ll probably elaborate on a couple of errors later when I get back from work.

    • Somehow I don’t think I’ll be surprised when most of your “errors” are just him intentionally being liberal.

  4. First, I apologize if I offended anyone or something, I should have used a more appropriate tone yesterday. Being short of sleep + killer headache turns the mood sour.

    I didn’t want to comment small mistakes / nuance issues, but it still turned out to be pretty long. You’ll probably dismiss like 50% of it as “intentionally being liberal” but experienced as I am I assure that it’s too liberal to be considered accurate.
    (should the kanji be too small for you to read, open and rescale in office or something)

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