Translation review: [Anxious-Domo] Jormungand 01

One more challenger.


This starts well. The “I may” gives it a nice poetic feel.

Mishearing. It’s true that Jormungand is a sea serpent, but in this sentence that’s a 身 (mi, body) and not an 海 (umi, sea).


They probably used the gg release to help with the lyrics, but they put some effort into it, probably checked it (for some lines the Japanese is different) and retranslated it. Too bad it just wrong at points. (See the screenshots above: the first one can’t mean what’s written there because of grammar, and the second one doesn’t make sense – protect your own wingless back?)

I don’t know if they managed to mishear the main character’s name or just ignored that Jonah used her full name.

I recall seeing this line somewhere before.

Missing detail: East European.

Context error. He talks about the situation, not Koko.

Not them, the cargo.

This made me laugh.

They are shooting back. That’s the annoying, not the van’s armor.

Scriptwriting. It has nothing to do with what’s being said.

Conclusion: Avoid

The general feel of the script is okay, but there are just so many errors (over ten in the first ten minutes) that I must say this should be avoided. They sure tried, there are really funny lines and the editing is good in general, but the translation quality… Sad but true. (Not to mention that the file size is double that of gg’s, which is quite an achievement.)

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2 thoughts on “Translation review: [Anxious-Domo] Jormungand 01

  1. Haven’t watched any of the releases from this, but Anxious-Domo have much better video quality than gg as far as I can see from some screenshot comparisons floating around.

    • If by “better video quality” you mean “grainy as fuck” then you’re right. The level of grain in this release might be closer to the original broadcast than gg’s, but gg’s is more watchable.

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