Eureka Seven AO 01 – notes and the like

I’m translating this one for gg as well. I remember marathoning the original Eureka Seven series in a few days last spring… This new season will be just half that length (2 cour), but I hope it’ll live up to the expectations.

I wonder that if the scub coral is pretty much gone from Earth, then where does the trapar wind come from that the FP is riding on.

Let’s just ignore the CSM (“Are you’re…”) and focus on the “spiritual powers” part. Apparently Naru is a yuta, a kind of traditional Okinawan medium or shaman. She also has some sickness, that’s why she needs to keep that oxygen inhaler with her all the time, and that’s the source of her spiritual powers as well.

Noah is this season’s overweight and lazy pet. Unlike Anemone’s Gulliver, which was of some unidentifiable species, Noah is clearly a sloth.

“Sea mango” (海マンゴ umi-mango) is what I figured he’s talking about. I might be wrong. It could be some obscure Okinawan phrase as well. (Or some really trivial thing that I keep mishearing.)

These abbreviations are driving me crazy. IFO is Intelligent Flying Object. The rest is still a mystery. The “hundred thousand” is in Okinawan dollars, which suggest that Okinawa is an independent state. Later this is confirmed when Blanc talks about how Iwato island is a disputed territory, claimed by both the United Okinawan Archipelago and China-Japan.

I’m not so certain about this line.

The show criticizes the notorious Japanese xenophobia very sharply.

The other characteristic of this new world is that there are random “scub bursts” (pictured above). I think these are connections between the scub coral left on Earth (like the bits they use in the ECU’s) and that part of it that left to another dimension at the end of E7. The way huge bits of scub pop up or fall out of the sky supports this as well.

Secrets are… well, let’s just keep that a secret. You’ll find out if you watch it.

Apparently twitter is still popular in that age. And people still use 2ch slang. Since someone didn’t typeset it, let me tell you what they’re saying.

  • It went FLASH!
  • The sky was shining bright by the way…
  • Here comes the G-monster!
  • Summon!
  • There’s a G-monster. Is this a scub burst? I don’t get it. (This isn’t on the screenshot above. It appears next.)

I don’t know what the G stands in G-monster.

酒のお摘み (sake no otsumami) are snacks to nibble when drinking.

“… because she uses her sickness to her advantage in arguments”, to be exact (and way too long).

They just look so Evangelion. If only the light beams were cross-shaped…


There will be complicated rivalries going on between the four kids.

Those eyes foretell what’s to come.

Do you recognize her? Yes, she’s…

The ending song’s lyrics are in the video, and it’s quite simple as well.

Next episode looks like it’s gonna be fun.

There are a bunch of lines with weird editing and a few derps from me as well, but nothing dire and with no competition I think I can safely say it’s great.

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