Script Review: [Commie] Fate/Zero – 14

More like Fate/ZzZz…

I heart you, Commie.

r/a/ge level: 100/100. It’s Commie, and they’re subbing the same show as UTW. No honorifics. Spoken/Eastern name order. English lyrics for opening and ending.

Commie vs. UTW? It’s the battle of the ages, and no one wins, really.

Kyhz is the best fansubber in the business. It’s okay. I’ve done worse things.

I laughed. As sad as it is to say, this reference is more likely to be recognized compared to the Eva one, so I like it.

“All of our efforts are barely enough to keep it from coming ashore.”

This isn’t as bad the second time reading it, but I’d still change it, personally.

Observer > eyewitness. Is this some super secret intelligence gathering thing or just testimonials?

“This has gotten out of hand.” “This is now beyond our control.”

“Ability to” is redundant and reduces the flow of the line.

Once again, this line isn’t as bad the second time reading it. Maybe I was a little too harsh on NicoNico, but they aren’t exactly known for their consistent quality in my experience with Blood-C. I’d still change it to something like, “Even their combined strength isn’t enough to destroy that disgusting thing?”

Further > more.

“Heaven” should be capitalized, or it should be “the heavens.”

Sounds pretty dumb. It could’ve been “playpen” or something like that. It still has the implications of the toy box, but it makes more sense in the context of the world being a little more divers

It certainly looks less stupid than ALLCAPS. I probably would’ve done something stupid like, “Prepare for awesome!” Apparently a reference to last season. Doesn’t change the fact that the release had elementary school-level mistakes. Maybe “The ultimate in ‘cool’!”?

What I liked:

Blatantly terrible/wrong lines were changed. The separation of thoughts by having then italicized was a nice change. The dialogue was slightly improved from NicoNico. This is a solid/average release. Mainly because of NicoNico, the Tohsaka and Disgustingface exchange was pretty good.

What I didn’t like:

Lazy editing. That doesn’t really matter to me since I won’t continue watching the show, but yeah, it might matter to people who like the show. Lots of lines that I thought could’ve been improved were left alone. I shudder at the thought of when the :words: start. Some more effort should be put into this release. Otherwise, it’s subject to the quality of NicoNico.

Overall Grade: 3 Reality Marbles… out of 5.

Editor’s Note: So far, your choices for F/Z are essentially a sub track with honorifics (UTW) or one without (Commie). And if you don’t care, just grab whichever group comes out first. Your experience won’t differ by much.

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