Typesetting review: Zetman (episode 2)

Zetman episode 2 typesetting review

I guess I’ll give a little intro here before I start since some people may be confused as to why I’m reviewing this show again. My plan at first was just to review the first episode and give a grade based solely on that but then I realized that sometimes there’s not a clear “best group” as far as typesetting goes after one episode. Some groups may improve when they have more time to work on repetitive signs (like titles). Also, as in the case of anime like this one, there are a lot of groups working on it with similar grades. Anyway, my plan is to review at least episode 2 of popular shows that don’t have a clear winner.

Groups: SFW, Hadena, WhyNot


No problems here.


Fade is far too short and it starts a frame late.

Not too bad.


At least they knew it should have a shadow I guess.

No blur 😦

Wrong color, movement is way off.

What the fuck?

Hadena never ceases to amaze me.

Fade is way too short again.


This is okay.

Way too small.

The motion tracking in this is pretty decent. However, everything else is bad. No blur and the rotation is not very close at all.

Fade is off, starts late. Interesting way to translate that as well…

Still awful.


SFW: B. These aren’t the hardest signs but they’re all done well. Not sorted by time.

Hadena: C-. Normally, I’d applaud a group for doing extra signs that aren’t really relevant to the story but I’m pretty sure some of these signs actually make the viewing experience worse. Not sorted by time.

WhyNot: C-.


Yeah, SFW is the group to go with here. I still have to review Hatsuyuki-Tsuki whenever they release but I don’t think they’ll be much better than SFW.

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2 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Zetman (episode 2)

    • I don’t know but typesetting is pretty irrelevant for this show. If I had to guess WhyNot is probably the least terrible group.

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