Typesetting review: Upotte!!

Upotte typesetting review

Groups: Commie


(not me)

Yeah… Mocha font scaling + VSFilter is bad times unless the font scaling is really high. The sign is… okay besides that. Could be better, especially on the clips.

Not really sure what’s going on here. Should be blurrier and lighter at least. Probably less bold as well.

These are all good.

The “Seishou Academy” part is fine except it should only be “Seishou”. The “Gun Manual” part could be rotated farther into the page but it’s in the wrong place as it should be on the right book. The “Curriculum” part is okay except it’s supposed to be where “Gun Manual” is.

The border should be darker. The movement could be better too.

It’s kind of hard to screenshot this but it looks pretty good in motion.

This is ok except the movement is off.

I like how it sways back and forth with the sign.


Commie: B-. Some of these signs are way better than others (and very good at that) but the consistency is just too low to give a better grade.

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