Translation review: [WhyNot] Phi Brain 2×01

I translated this.


Props to the editor.


CSM (compulsory stupid mistake) number one of the episode. It’s Orpheus Island, not Orpheus Tower. I didn’t even look at the captions for this because they did fight in a tower-like construct.

CSM number two. I really shouldn’t translate stuff late night after pulling an all-nighter the day before.

CSM number three. “Mama”, not “Nana”.

This reminds me, if you don’t mind playing with a newbie, add Vale Silvereye in League of Legends.

They turn in right angles.

No rainbows in the ending

Conclusion: Great

Call me conceited, but except for the CSM’s and one missing word, this script is pretty much as good as it gets. It reads really smooth and makes you laugh where you’re supposed to laugh. Disclaimer: this release was total chaos, because CR announced they’d simulcast Phi Brain, then they simply didn’t. Future releases will be way quicker and better (as usual).

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2 thoughts on “Translation review: [WhyNot] Phi Brain 2×01

  1. >No rainbows in the ending

    0/10 worst group ever would not upvote on mal terrible translation terrible editing terrible typesetting terrible timing terrible encoding worse than hadena-doki also killed my parents

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