Script Review: [HorribleSubs] Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – 01

Love can transcend lifetimes, don’t you think?


r/a/ge level: 10/100. Honorifics are present. No translation for the ending is available.

Some idiots (read: /a/nons) think HorribleSubs is an actual sub group, so they’ll be fine with this rip. Others will proclaim, “Crunchyroll is shit.” Maybe having honorifics will offset the hatred.

“I could’ve sworn I put it down here.”

“Would” is just wrong.

No comma for this phrase.

“Class duty” almost makes sense compared to “daytime” or “day” duty from the other releases. Is this like cleaning duty or something? Even if they’re not the same, that would’ve actually meant something to the viewer.

If you want to be vague, “I had stuff to do in class.” Wow, that was hard. Where’s my Pulitzer Prize for Subtitle Editing?

This is a long line that says a whole lot of nothing. “That’s a possibility, but let’s not jump to conclusions…” – anything that actually means something.

Crunchyroll doesn’t really do emphasis for specific words, only internal monologue. This is where a ripping group could come in to emphasize “something.”

“I don’t really understand loneliness.”

“But I understand happiness just fine.”

She may very well be referring the words “happy” and lonely,” but that just sounds stupid in English.

Crunchyroll did a good job with the stuttering part, and it leads well into “Perfect!”

“I can’t say for sure.”

I didn’t really like the use of Heaven or Hell in any of the releases, but I finally decided to point it out here.

The tombstone was what fell over.

Like WhyNot, HorribleSubs went with “possessing,” which I like. It’s a good line.

What I liked:

It’s strange to say, but HorribleSubs/Crunchyroll is my favorite release so far.

The dialogue flowed well, and the characters were pretty distinct. Okonogi is sometimes serious but mostly self-doubting. Niiya is the typical flimsy protagonist. And what’s-her-face speaks seriously and critically. No one had any out-of-character lines. CR/HS italicized the characters’ thoughts, which made easier to differentiate from dialogue. Overall, Crunchryoll has a great script, and any competent editor should be able to make some minor adjustments to improve upon it.

What I didn’t like:

The errors were few and minor, and there were some literal translations we could’ve done without. Well-done translations are as much a part of the release as the actual video, and they can greatly increase the enjoyment of a series. Subtle subs are good subs, and I wish Crunchyroll would translate a little more liberally or at least deliberately. Still, for some reason, a few of the literal translations didn’t bother me.

Overall Grade: 4 is for foreshadowing… out of 5.

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