Typesetting review: Sankarea (updated)(again x2)

Sankarea typesetting review

Groups: Commie, SFW, AniBlaze, Doki, Hadena, Eveyuu, Hatsuyuki


(note: i did the episode titles and show title signs)

Again, the first part sucks but whatever. I like my font choice much more and mine follows the color more closely.

I think it may have just a bit too much blur and the color might be a bit too dark.

Not sure why this is so small. Looks a bit too dark as well.

Not a good font choice.

These look pretty derp.

Bad font choice, should be darker.

Same as above.

Might look better with another, darker blurred border.


These are fine.

Mask is just a tad too dark. Font could use blur too.

I’d probably place it a little to the left but great otherwise.

Also great.

Probably not really possible to make this part look decent.

Looks pretty good. Doesn’t follow the color changes exactly and the font choice isn’t the best, but it’s a hell of a lot better than nothing or just a static sign.


I was gonna say “at least it’s there” but they couldn’t even spell the name of the show correctly.

Why is this slightly transparent? Why does this not fade in and out? I understand nothing.

Oh man, this masking is way too funny.

This isn’t so—


I have no idea why this is just their default style but it sucks.

At least they did it.


Beginning is kind of sketchy and the font could be better, but not bad.

The shadow is way too light and there’s no blurred border.

Nothing wrong here.

Wow. Way too much blur and the mask doesn’t even cover the entire sign.

All of it needs blur. “Immortal Mountain” should be rotated to match. Color is too dark on all of them. The right sign should be moved up a little bit.


Way too much blur, bad font, alignment is wrong.

Would look better with blur but it’s fine.

Nice touch adding this.

This is fine.

This sign is much better than the episode 1 title sign from earlier. Font isn’t the best. Not sure why this and the episode 1 title sign aren’t the same.


This sure looks familiar.

Interesting fade.

Border/shadow should be darker.

Nice fade out. Oh wait, they don’t have one.

Needs blur, wrong color.

No blur feels bad man.

Colors for the lighter pink parts “Sa ka a” are off.

There should be signs here but the font they used only has uppercase glyphs. So, for example, “Guts of puffer fish” only displays the G you see next to the mountain.

Have some more random letters.

This is fine.

This is okay I guess.

Only did half and the half they did sucks. Font sucks, border/shadow is not dark enough, font color is off.



This is good. It’d be better with a better font. Also, the outside border color is wrong at the end.

Font should be bigger and the shadow/border should be darker.

I have no idea why this isn’t at the top and horizontal. Font isn’t great and the color is wrong as well.

Bad font. Otherwise good.

The rotation and blurred borders are a nice touch but the font could be way better.

The font looks a lot worse in this one than the previous Babu sign.

These are good.

The color of the pink parts is a bit wrong.

These are all good except the font choices.

This is fine.

I like the size of the font here better but the shadow/border still need to be darker and thicker.


Yeah, their dialogue font has blur.

Interesting tale lad.

Needs a shadow too.

>blurs dialogue font
>can’t blur signs

Mask doesn’t cover the entire sign. Also, no blur.

This is fine.

Border is too thick/dark. Alignment is off, should be to the right a bit.

Can still see the border around the text. No shadow. Font color is too light.

Group credits sure are kawaii.


Commie: B. A lot of the signs were done but some were kind of shitty.

SFW: B+. The signs were much better except for the title. Also, this is not sorted by time.

AniBlaze: D-. This is really bad, but some of the signs are there at least.

Doki: C+. They did the most signs but the extra ones they did look pretty bad.

Hadena: C-. Some signs are okay. Most of them are there. Could be a lot worse. Not sorted by time.

Eveyuu: B+. They did a lot more signs than anyone else. Good font choices could really go a long way, however.

Hatsuyuki: C. Mostly decent. Some are missing. Severe lack of blur. Not sorted by time.

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