Typesetting review: Saki Achiga-hen

Saki S2 typesetting review

Groups: Underwater-Mahjong


This actually has a bit too much blur (0.7). With 0.5 is looks much better. A thicker font would probably help too.

Font should be thicker. The first word at least needs some shearing. I dunno what’s going on with the shadow/extra layer/whatever but it looks weird.

Too much blur.

Nice consistency but it’s not like this is readable.

This looks good.

I only hope this font choice is because anything thicker would be hard to read.

Good but the font has too much blur.

They covered up the TV Tokyo logo here. I don’t care, but some people might.

Too much blur and/or the color is off.

See previous comments on this type of sign.

Too much blur on the font.


Underwater-Mahjong: B+. The signs are all fine. A few fonts could be better. Funny as it sounds, it actually has too much blur.

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2 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Saki Achiga-hen

  1. Yeah, there was too much blur. The typesetting was done on a wraw that had been slightly blurred to make it compress better, and with the blurs matched to that they ended up a tad too blurry for the final encode. I didn’t notice it while QCing, but it’s pretty obvious when I look at it now. The typesetting will be checked against the final encode in the future.

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