Translation review: [Hadena] Tasogare 01


The very first line missing (even if it’s just Yuko calling out Teiichi’s name) isn’t a good sign. Neither is that “1st Story Ghost Maiden” thing – it took me a while to figure out why they would translate it like that.

“… in the school.”

“It moved?!”

“Apparently apparitions appear…” Not only is it a stupid repetition but it’s not even an apparition since it does not appear. It must take significant effort to find a synonym for “ghost” that can’t be correctly applied in the situation. We should applaud Hadena for their wonderful skills again.

Even though I’m dead tired and half asleep, I wouldn’t translate that line like this. It’s simply not what she’s saying.

No. Just no.

I have a thing for the phrase “lovey-dovey” and it fits here just right.

It’s not “after lunch”. They don’t serve the students lunch in the school anymore.

She hasn’t heard of any particular student – that’s just how the rumor goes.

Okay, now this is an unexpectedly imaginative translation. I like it.

This line was missing the first time it should’ve been there. Congratulations.

Not “boring”, “dull” or “stupid”.

It’s not “daily log” but “day duty” (such as cleaning the classroom etc).

The first half of the sentence in the top (the previous line) was in the bottom. This is how you’re not supposed to do it. (And the next line they do it again.)

This isn’t right.

“Breasts” should only be implied.

I don’t know where they got that “allowed” from.

“Feel” instead of “see” is okay, but “heartbeat” instead of “actions” is not. Don’t mishear 行動 (koudou) for 鼓動 (kodou).

After all the fuckups so far, I’m quite surprised they actually got this right. (And actually they found a better word pair than UTW-UW did.) On the other hand, Momoe’s line is too long (they should’ve split it), and a part is missing as well.


It’s a error.

This sentence is as wrong as it gets.

The karaoke effect is probably the best part of this release. Too bad that they misheard pretty much all of the Japanese lyrics and the translations are totally off as well.

Conclusion: Avoid

Does it need explaining? Even if language-wise it’s a much healthier English than what Hadena usually produces, there are countless translation mistakes.

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