Typesetting review: Nazo no Kanojo X (updated)

Mysterious Girlfriend X typesetting review

Groups: SubDESU, GotWoot, IB


Sign starts like 5 frames late.

I have no idea why this has a border. The font choice is not very good and for some reason they decided to transliterate the title and translate it.

I have no idea why this has a border and a shadow.

I just don’t know anymore.

Nothing wrong with this, but it’s pretty obvious what the book is from the context.

Oh wow.

See above.


Starts a few frames late.

This needs blur.

This is fine.

This is good but the color is a little off.

Needs blur.


Sign starts 2 frames late.

I quite like the decision to use the X from the original sign. Glad to see this has blur as well.

This is good.

That’s certainly… something.

The font could be a bit better on these.

This would probably look better centered.

This is pretty creative placement. Unfortunately, I don’t really understand anything else about the sign.

This is quite nice, though the letters are so small it’s almost too hard to read.



SubDESU: D. All the signs are bad but at least they’re there.

GotWoot: B. All the signs they did are good but I’d consider the sign with her name on the chalkboard to be pretty important.

IB B+. A few signs could be better but most are quite solid. Not sorted by time.

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11 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Nazo no Kanojo X (updated)

  1. In GotWoot I started the logo _one_ frame late just to fit the fad properly, you can’t even notice it if while watching.
    What’re you using anyway? Those signs are blurry enough in vsfilter. Stop being so anal pained about it.

      • And not about his own tsing? That’s being biased.

        Font is to thick. White border should be at least twice the size of the purple one _lacks blur_. Where’s the backgroun blur the japanese text has?
        “Again, the first part sucks but whatever. I like my font choice much more and mine follows the color more closely.”

      • The font might be thick but it’s better than any other release. And no one else added the very outside blur either. Stop being buttmad.

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