Typesetting review: Lupin III – Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna (updated)

Lupin III typesetting review

Groups: sage, gg, Frostii


This is good.

Can’t say I like the font choice, but this is very good otherwise.

Looks like they forgot to blur those lines. Some of them are hard to read because of the font as well.

This would look better with blur.

Apparently this looks fine for other people but not me. Oh well.

These would look much better with blur.

This sign moves around a lot so this is definitely acceptable.

Font is nothing like the original and the color is wrong. At least the sign follows the movement well.


Looking good.

I like the font choice. However, the color looks off. Also, the entire line just fades in at once instead letter by letter or word by word.

The rest of them.

This is basically perfect.

These look great as well.

This is somewhere in between just putting the sign at the top without any styling and replicating the style but putting it in a place that is readable. I’m not sure I understand.

If this was aligned to the top-left or top-right and maybe 3 or 4 lines it would be perfectly readable without covering the original. Also, I don’t really understand the font choice. Seems random.

I don’t really understand the font or color choices here.


Hardsubbed everything.


sage: B. Some parts of these signs were great while some parts lacked. Lack of blur really hurt a lot of the signs which would be great otherwise.

gg: B. Most of the signs were great. Just putting those few signs at the top was probably a good idea seeing how it went for sage. However, I’m not sure why those signs were like half-assed. Having the wrong color for those repetitive red signs didn’t help either.

Frostii: H.

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