Typesetting review: Kuroko’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball typesetting review

Groups: Hadena


These signs all need 1 more layer so the font can be blurred and not the border. Also I don’t know why they translated the title in the release name but not here.

They just keep the same shadow/blur/border shadows as the sign above even though the font is like 1/4th as big.

I can’t tell if they even improved CR’s typesetting here. No blur, wrong color, should be rotated into the screen to match the original.

Just no.

The only thing sort of good about this is the Kagami Taiga part and even then it should be to the right a bit.

This is just so bad.

Wow. Just wow.

Not sure why this has such a big shadow.


Hadena: F. I have a really hard time imagining that they improved any of CR’s typesetting. It seems like they just made it way worse which I didn’t even know was possible until now. Not sorted by time.

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