Typesetting review: Fate/Zero S2 (updated)

Fate/Zero S2 typesetting review

Groups: Commie, UTW, Hatsuyuki


(not me)

The font should be thicker and have a small glow around it. Quite lazy.


If you’re reading this you’ve probably already seen this before. Yeah, it looks good.

Yeah, this is how these signs should look.


Somehow this is worse than Commie’s.

There are like 8 more of these. Awesome.


Commie: C. Apparently this is the only type of sign this show will ever have so bad typesetting doesn’t really matter. Not sorted by time.

UTW: A-.

Hatsuyuki: C-.

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4 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Fate/Zero S2 (updated)

  1. For the record, I wasn’t around to work on the first episode of Commie’s F/Z but I’ll have the styling on the titles fixed for ep2 and the batch (assuming there is one).

    UTW’s do look good, though >2012 >group logos

  2. Dear xythar,

    You miss the whole point of doing logos. They can be really fun and test your typesetting skills, etc, since they are usually much harder to make look good than your typical signs. We’ve just always done then, and I have fun doing them, that’s about it really.

    • That’s fine, but I’ve always felt that sticking your group name on the show’s title screen looks really tacky regardless of how well it’s done. That being said, they’re your subs and you can do whatever you like with them.

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