Translation review: [UTW] Accel World 01


Why the “virtual”?

I laughed.

It’s not about finding him interesting – it’s much more general.

Cool isn’t how I’d imagine what she would say (not to mention she doesn’t add any adjective to “line” at all).

“Cabled” is a really good translation for direct link. I wish I’d come up with it. (Also I think that adding “Princess” is unnecessary. You don’t call Snow White “Princess Snow White” either.)

Honorifics are okay, keeping bento and yakisoba is okay, but this line is so literal it goes off the scale.

Asenshi messing that sign up is one thing, but from UTW it’s totally unexpected. (It’s still Saya and not Haruyuki.)


They put the Japanese lines there too for the ending song, and the translation is okay in general. There are a few words and lines that feel out of place though.

Conclusion: Great

UTW’s editing is good, the script flows smooth and there aren’t any translation mistakes worthy of mention either. (The only thing I consider really bad about this release is the dialog font.) If you like the style and you don’t mind honorifics and the lack of localization for certain phrases, this is the release for you.

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