Translation review: [Hadena] Sankarea 01


They misheard a bunch lines in the opening (like a quarter of them, at least), but for what they got right the translation is surprisingly smooth and the karaoke effect is well done.

Sure it’s a boys’ school all right (apostrophe where), but that’s not what he’s saying.

The first half of the sentence is totally mistranslated, but “steals my heart” is a clever (liberal) phrase for this line.

This is wrong too.

That’s a way to put it I guess.

I wish the whole release was this well phrased. It’s totally what a high school guy would say.

I don’t think “melt” is the right word to use here.

I wonder where did they get the “sutras” from.

They at least tried to typeset what’s written on the pages. Even if they got the lines said totally wrong again.

This line and the one before it are totally off as well.

I’m not entirely sure that’s the right saying to use, but it fits quite well and sounds just as pompous as he’s talking.

I like it how they used “surprise”.

I’m not even surprised.

Are you kidding me?

I can see why they would write that but that doesn’t change the fact that she doesn’t mention any bodyguards.

Some lines are totally off…

… and some lines are really well phrased.

Is this a guesslation or just terrible editing?

I have no idea what those waves are supposed to be.

Conclusion: Avoid

The script is very extreme. There are quite a bunch of translation errors and some lines felt totally off due to weird editing. Although some lines are phrased really well, it’s simply not enough to counterbalance all the fuckups. For such an oversubbed show, this release should be avoided.

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