Translation review: [Doki] Sankarea 01


The opening is ktimed (though for me it seems way off). I like the translation style in general, though I’m pretty sure they misheard the lyrics at a few points.

This is good.

Hobby isn’t the right word here.

It’s not like that at all. There is no “but”.

They made the sign and they translated it correctly. I like that.

He’s asking her to stop adding it, not if she stopped adding it already.

I appreciate the attempt to translate the notes, but the way it’s typeset is just wrong. I didn’t look all so closely at it but I think the translation is right.

Second day, not two days later.

His nickname for her is Wanko.

No, he said he’d go over for it.

He’s asking because Yasutaka was interested. At least so he claims.

I don’t think the translation note is necessary, but I think they are the only group who got “cowbane” right.

That’s not the way to phrase it in English.

The ending features more karaoke and misheard lines.

Conclusion: Avoid

I really wanted to say that this release is okay, but sadly it isn’t. The translation is unbelievably literal, and some lines are outright wrong. I wouldn’t call the quality bad, but there are just so many mistakes that it’s better to avoid.

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