Translation review: [Commie] Accel World 01

I translated this release.


This line was the editor’s doing, but it’s great.

This line (I mean the Japanese) confused the hell out of me. I can only think it must be sarcastic, because otherwise it simply makes no sense.

“Texture” and “gloss”. I don’t even.

This should be present tense.

Overkill. This should be something along the lines of “this is the only place for me”.

I assumed that she said 秘技 (higi, secret move) and not just laughed. The timing is off though.

Crazy high score.

This line is mistimed.

I really like this line.

It’s the exact opposite: he mustn’t take it off. This was the editor’s doing – though it doesn’t matter who did it, it’s still a very serious fuckup.

This belongs to the previous line. I’d fix it to “What else would I expect from my reality?”


The ending song’s translation wasn’t my doing, but I like how it turned out.

Conclusion: Okay

I have made a few mistakes (I still don’t know what got into me at the lines about avatar design), and while in general the script flows well, there are some really weird and over-edited lines as well. I wanted to shamelessly say that our release was great, but sadly it isn’t. I’ll step up my game and check the script before release from next week.

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