Translation review: [Asenshi] Accel World 01

Asenshi did the pre-air of Accel World in a joint with Hadena, but they released the TV version by themselves. Let’s see how they did.


They have definitely improved the script compared to the Hadena release.

I like it how they used the show’s terminology for “disconnect”.

She goes into specifics.

I wouldn’t call it wrong, but it feels off. (Too liberal compared to the rest of the script.)

They kept this line from the Hadena release. I still think it’s hilarious.

“…in a way you can’t even imagine.”

This line could be phrased way better.

“My”, not “our”.

That isn’t the right way to translate it in this context.

It’s Arita Saya (his mother’s name), not Haruyuki.

They can’t choose the stage, it’s random. Also why would you capitalize “world’s end”?


The ending wasn’t in the preair, and it’s not that good either. Way too many lines feel way too off.

Conclusion: Okay

Asenshi had ages to patch up this script, and they did improve it a lot compared to their joint with Hadena for the preair. However there are still lots of details missing and some lines feel off. The ending translation is lacking too. If they edit simulcast scripts or take their time to check their translation enough, so if they can keep up this quality, that’s okay.

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