Translation review: [AniBlaze] Sankarea 01


One more challenger at the startline of Sankarea. I happen to know the translator, so I’m quite interested how he dealt with this show. (Which is his very first I think.)


If you ktime the song, then at least do it properly. The Japanese Japanese and the romaji are sometimes different. There are a few misheard phrases, the timing is really weird and the translation is a bit too stiff.

Good job at fucking up the series’ title.

Arousing isn’t exactly how I’d say it, but that’s okay. However even if this line is correct translation-wise, it feels very off. I smell editor fail.

Finally someone got it right.

I like that “mushy”. He doesn’t say it, but the way he speaks makes it clear he hates that vegetable.

I can’t resist pointing out that the timing of of the release is simply horrible.

“Upset”, not “panic”.

“Satisfied” is a terrible choice for a word in this situation.

This line is just totally wrong. See the other releases for the correct translation.

I really like this line.

This was handled well. There are no honorif—

Wait what. (Please be consistent.)

Made me smile.

It’s been a while since I last saw a translation note in an actual release.

Are you kidding me? “Kukuku”? Seriously? At least change it to “tehehe” or something.

“Date” or “go out with”, not “be around”.

It’s because of the previous line, I know.

The ending karaoke is just as high quality as the opening was.

Conclusion: Avoid

The translation isn’t terrible – there are a bunch of mistakes, that’s for sure, some are complete mistranslations, but I must say that the translation is the best part of this release. It seems totally unedited and the timing is simply horrible. I heard that from the next episode the translator will do the show for EveTaku’s joint – knowing how they work, I’m sure that release the translation will be checked and it will be properly timed as well. AniBlaze’s release should be avoided though.

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