Typesetting review: Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi typesetting review

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Groups: Tsumiki, Commie, ShinBunBu-Hadena


I have no idea why this signs gets rotated more and more because the original sure doesn’t. Looks good otherwise.

Looks good, but would be better with 2 layers so the font could have blur.

This looks pretty bad without blur. Also, border color is wrong.

Weird looking fade in.

The left half desperately needs multiple layers so the font can have blur. The right could use it too but it looks less bad.

Rotation starts a frame too late, no blur, bad font choice.

Looks great.

Should be multiple layers and have blur.

Same as above.

Same as above. Also, wrong color. Also, would look better horizontal above the sign.

Bad font choice, no blur.

Good movement, but the same recurring problem of needing 2 layers to blur the font.

Bad font, no blur.

This is much wider at the end than it is at the beginning. Also, 2 layers, blur, etc.

Blur please.

2 layers, blur, etc. Also, border color is too dark.

Bad font choice, colors are wrong, needs 2 layers for blur.

2 layers, blur, etc.

I don’t really understand the color choice or why it’s somewhat transparent. Also, this lagged really badly for me.

Bad font choice, needs 2 layers, etc.

This is… okay. I guess it doesn’t look so bad in motion.

Needs 2 layers, blur, colors are a bit off.

I like that it moves back and forth as the sign sways but the font sucks, no blur, etc.

Bad font choice, no blur.

2 layers, blur, etc.

Starts a frame late.

At least it spins? Bad font choice and no blur.

Hurr. No blur, needs 2 layers, etc.

These look good.

The curve that follows the sign looks very, very good. Unfortunately, without blur the sign looks pretty bad.

Nothing about this is good.

Bad font choice, 2 layers, blur, etc.

Blur please.

Bad font choice, no blur, 2 layers, etc.

I’m not sure how the border color is so wrong. Also, needs 2 layers, blur, etc.

This doesn’t look very good. Font choice sucks and no blur also.

2 layers, blur, etc.

Bad font choice, no blur, missed a frame.

I don’t understand this color choice at all.

This should be 3 layers so the font can have a blur.

Mask on the right is a bit off. Also, it covers the typesetting for one frame.

2 layers, blur, etc.

Bad font choice, no blur.

This would probably lag with 2 layers, but the colors could still be better.

2 layers, blur, etc.

Bad font choice, no blur.

2 layers, blur, etc.

Starts a frame too early.

2 layers, blur, etc.

This follows the motion pretty well but no blur.

This looks good, probably because it actually has blur.

Looks pretty good but the font doesn’t have the “é” character. Also, the Stare part needs blur.

Needs blur.

Font choice sucks, color is way off.


(not me)

Probably would be hard to read if it had a shadow or whatever to replicate the original sign but it’s nothing special either.

Looks good.

Good font choice, multiple layers so that font can be blurred. This is how these signs should be done.

Looks a little off.

Not sure why the font is so different. Also not sure why the color is too dark. Maybe it was hard to read with the correct color? In that case, masking the original would probably work better.


These are all good.

Fade looks weird.

All good.

Too much blur at the beginning looks a bit weird.

Guess not. Also the “Ends” could be farther to the left.

Not sure why the gasp is only one layer.

All good stuff.

Nothing wrong with these but it made me laugh.

This isn’t really typesetting either but it’s a nice touch.

They typeset “All Over the Place” over the “english” title of the show in case you were wondering what this was.

These are good.

Colors look off.

Could be better.

I really like the shadows on this. There’s a light shadow on the right/bottom and a dark one on the left/top. It looks so good it could almost be part of the show.

These are all good.

This looks great because it has 3 layers.

This could use more \fax but it’s hard enough to read already.

All good.

Nothing wrong with these, just wanted to point out that the capital i looks like an “l” which can be confusing because Io is a name.

Font could be better.


This doesn’t look so b—

Nah, this is shit.

Why is this rotated? Why is it so much shorter than the original? Why does it have a border that is blurred instead of the font being blurred?

One layer=bad times.


I’m kind of glad they didn’t try.

Yes, they really did make the sign fade out before the person walked into it so they wouldn’t have to clip it.

This could be a lot worse.

Should be 2 layers, etc.

The movement sucks.

This actually has 2 layers but it still looks like shit.

Color is too dark.

Kustatsu and Kusatsu Souvenir need blur.

Actually looks good except for no blur.

The colors are way off. Also, only one layer.

Would be good if the colors were darker.

I have no idea why this has fades. Also, needs to be 2 layers, etc.

Uh, guess not.

Looks awful with 1 layer.

Color is wrong, font should be thicker.

I don’t know why the fade goes on for so long.

Wrong colors, one layer, bad clips.

Why does this have a shadow?

Actually looks decent since you can’t really tell it’s only 1 layer.

This looks bad though.


One layer is bad times.

I have no idea why this has a fade.

Nope. Just nope.

Bad font and the sign on screen for a few seconds before the typesetting ever shows up.

There is nothing good about this.

That’s a shadow, not a second border. Try again.

That font color is not even close.

Starts late, bad font choice, no blur.

Font sucks.


Font sucks.

Bad font choices, sign does not follow the movement.

This might be the only sign that is done well.

Wrong color.

Not there the entire time, bad font choice.

Font sucks, fade is dumb, no rotation.

Font sucks. Colors are wrong. One layer.

Yes, that is Comic Sans you see.


Tsumiki: B-. This show has a ton of signs and they did all of them but most of them look pretty bad because of no blur.

Commie: A. The typesetting is incredibly solid. Some of the signs (like the Cat sign) are so good they could be part of the show. Only a few signs could be improved.

ShinBunBu-Hadena D. Some of the signs are there… sometimes. This show relies on good typesetting and they failed hard.

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2 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Acchi Kocchi

  1. Oh look reviews.

    I thought about two-layering the wavy typeset (Tsumiki release) but I tend to be very conservative when it comes to avoiding lag. Didn’t want to double the 100 lines/second to 200, and I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal in motion. Most of the episode was not done by me, but I’ll pass on your suggestions to the typesetter.

    • Yeah, I can definitely understand not doing it for that one. Most of the typesetting was good technically but without blur it just looks bad.

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