Typesetting review: Accel World (updated)

Accel World typesetting review

Groups: Hadena-Asenshi, UTW, Commie


Apparently putting the typesetting to the right of the signs was too hard.

That is not even the correct color.

This should be much blurrier.

I don’t even. Why did they mask unimportant parts but not stuff that would actually make the sign look good?

This is actually sorta not terrible.



This should be much darker and blurrier.

This one doesn’t even have blur.

Neither does this.

Position is a little off.

Do they really think this actually looks good?

Not really typesetting but made me laugh.


Bad font choice.

This part is fine.

Yeah, this is cool as fuck.

This is good.

The “Download” looks out of place.

The color is off in the middle of the top part of the typesetting.

Color is off in the middle section.

This looks good.

Also good.

This font might be close to the original but it’s not nearly as rough so the typesetting looks really artificial.

This is good.

Yeah, this doesn’t look so good. I’d probably put it next to the “yen”.

It’s okay I guess.


(not me)

I like this font.

This font should be sans serif.

I guess this is a pretty good way to do it if you can’t do what UTW which is probably a good thing because it might look quite bad.

Then it fades back in over here. It’s okay but the rotation could be better.

These should all be sans serif fonts. Also, it’d look better with the File Download part to the left.

The top 2 masks sure stick out a lot.

Again, these should be sans serif fonts.

Clips are a little off.

This is a nice touch though.

The mask is a bit too light.

Lots of blur definitely helps here.

This is good.

The mask should be a little bit taller at the end.


Hadena-Asenshi: D+. Some of these signs are okay and I guess they actually did most of the signs, but a lot of them are just done so poorly.

UTW: A-. Most signs were great. A few bad font choices but whatever.

Commie: B. Nothing really wrong with this. Rotations and font choices could be improved in a lot of spots though.

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9 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Accel World (updated)

  1. i dont know exactly what is this supposed to be, a review? a between critic and wannabe smart comments? honestly no idea but i could live with the ignorantly bad review who cares. What i cant live with is ppl jujding a book by its cover. When you watch and critic and anime there are 2 things that must be taken into account a) the art and b) the story nothing more nothing less. Its not about cool effects it all comes down to the story and a decent artwork. So reviewing without even mentioning the story (and dont get me wrong its too soon to say if its good or not) is just a waste of space for a review. tl;dr dont do reviews if youre ignorant about the subject

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