Translation review: [WhyNot] Medaka Box 01


You could say that a student’s job is to study, but for some reason she does say “work” (労働 roudou) separately.

The phrasing is a bit awkward, but I really like the word “abducted” in there.

“Got” implies that someone voted for them, while I think he’s saying that they’re in the 2% who didn’t vote for Medaka.

Even if you consider it heresy to translate kendo phrases, I think the point of an English subtitle is to tell you the meaning of what’s being said.

Singular. He’s referring to Medaka.

President, not prime minister. Not that it matters.

Take care covers it, though she says “treat with affection” (since she believes he became self-justified due to a lack of loving care).

Not just this room, but as far as the eye can see.

Conclusion: Okay

I feel bad. I checked this translation, but apparently I didn’t pay enough attention. None of the mistakes are serious though, and some lines are exceptionally well phrased. But not all… I’ll try to not be dead worn out when I check the coming episodes and improve it so it may deserve a “Great”.

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