Translation review: [SFW] Sankarea 01


The English font for the opening is unreadable, but unlike Commie, they add the Japanese lyrics too (which is quite risky). As for the line with “morning” (the second screenshot above), I think both groups are a bit off, but we’ll only know that for sure once the single is out with the official lyrics.

Sometimes it can’t be helped. (Disclaimer: Commie had the same line. I don’t consider it a mistake, it’s just funny.)

Redundant. The ji (寺) in Shiryouji means temple. This way it’s “Shiryou temple temple”.

It’s Chihiro. The main character’s name, you know.

Celebrity and super-rich aren’t the same thing, though I guess it works out.

The words are all there, but the way SFW phrased it reverses his logic. She’s innocent and pure – must be because her parents are classy.

Not partly, completely. The typesetting translation of that line is off too, it’s not “orally”, but “add”.

It’s not poisonous parsley but cowbane (毒芹 dokuzeri). Not that it really matters. (And I didn’t point it out in Commie’s release, who had hemlock for it.)

Phrased like this it doesn’t make much sense.

Conclusion: Okay

The script is mostly accurate, with only a few mistakes (come on, at least don’t fuck up the main character’s name). But quite a bunch of lines were awkwardly phrased. It’s definitely all right, and had the editor put more effort into it, it could’ve got a “great”.

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