Translation review: [Commie] Sankarea 01


Note to all: this isn’t my translation. The show has closed captions. (Also anyone sees the similarity between the dog-eared main character riding a cat and Ao no Exorcist?)

I lost it. This is a hilarious and fitting translation for the line.

Temple, not shrine. In Japanese context, Shinto religious locations are called shrines and Buddhist ones temples.

Compared to the Japanese, this line is way too short. It conveys the point of the sentence all right, but why strip the details if it’s so long anyway.

The sentence isn’t simple, but those handwritten lines top it. Well done.

She says “Why can’t I go anywhere alone?” (Which sounds weird considering she’s alone at an abandoned old mall in the mountains…)

Very fitting choice of expression for this show.

Conclusion: Great

There are hardly any mistakes and none are important There are very few mistakes that I would call mistranslations (two or three sentences) and a few arguable phrases, while on the other hand clever use of words and natural everyday expressions make it great.

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