Script Review: [SFW] Zetman – 01

Something about superheroes? I don’t know.

He's kind of like Chinese Electric Batman?

r/a/ge level:10/100. Honorifics have been translated/removed. There’s romaji and English karaoke. SFW isn’t actually hated on /a/ either.

My suggestion: “Get a hold of yourself, Kanzaki!”

Comma splice.

This is actually the continuation of another line, so… “…is just violence, not justice.” Having a space after the ellipsis is fine and a matter of style.

This would normally be awkward in English, but it’s passable because Japan.

“I want to become strong like him so [that] I can help people in trouble too!” Punctuation lesson of the day: There’s no comma when using “so that,” even when “that” is implied.

I haven’t read the manga, but I’m sure this is FORESHADOWING. Clever writers, man.

Grammar lesson #2! Apostrophe s would’ve been fine, too.

“How horrible” sounds and works better without any context. Maybe even “It was horrible.”

What I liked:

I liked the dialogue, especially between the prostitute (Akemi) and the protagonist (Jin). It was really touching to see them interact. Of course, I’ll be devastated when she dies. (Once again, I am just speculating. I have not actually read the manga.) None of the other characters really had inspired dialogue for me to highlight, but I suppose that is the fault of the source material. This was one of those nearly technically perfect releases, but it had nothing else to really show for. I’ll give SFW the benefit of the doubt for future releases, though.

What I didn’t like:

Two awkward lines and a few technical errors, but everything I pointed out was very minor.

Overall Grade: 5 Players… out of 5.

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