Typesetting review: Zetman

Zetman typesetting review

Groups: Hadena, SFW, WhyNot, Hatsuyuki-Tsuki, AniBlaze


There is so much wrong with this sign. Color is wrong, border is wrong color, border is blurred, font is bad and hard to read. Only good thing I can say is it’s placed in a good spot.

Bad font choice, wrong border color, border is way too thick, no blur.

Awful clips, wrong color. So much fail. At least the font is decent.

Hard to fuck up, even for Hadena.

Fade is a bit off.

Wow, they actually used two layers for this sign. Unfortunately, they put the layer with the border on top which defeats the purpose.


Have to say I like this placement much better.

This too, since it will never run into the dialogue.

This is good but impossible to read.

Much better than Hadena’s.

No border, way too much blur.


Not sure what happened here.

Upside-down signs are really not a good idea. No blur, bad clipping in the first few frames, inconsistent clipping on frames that are the same. Font for the “Sexy Pub” part is awful.

See previous comments.

Not enough blur, borders are all wrong, borders are wrong colors, fonts seem random.

Yeah, this sign should start a frame earlier.

Font is way too small.

This starts a frame too early.

The original sign has a border and a shadow while the typesetting has no border. It’s also far too small and the shadow is much too big. The fade is also ends too early.


I have no idea why this sign moves between the 2 frames when it’s still static.

As for the sign overall, the placement isn’t bad but everything else is. For some reason they just ignored the color of the “Sexy Pub” part. The pink beach part has no blur at all and it’s really easy to see.

Let’s start from the top. The top sign has the wrong color blur, the font is far too thin, the right side of it gets much bigger. The blur looks very weird. As for the bottom part, the border color is not even close. In the script the sign has three layers but they’re all on layer 1 which makes no sense at all.

Nothing wrong here.

If you’re gonna plaster your name above the title of the show, the least you could do is make it look good. This sign should be 2 layers so that the font and border can both have blur.

Fade ends too early and the alignment is off.

Starts a frame too early.

Shadow is too dark.


Thanks, I almost got lost.

I like how the sign goes over his hair.

Here too.

Apparently they only want the sign to be on screen every other frame. This happens like 4 more times in the next 8 frames. Everything about this sign is bad except the fact that you can sometimes read it.

Probably a good thing they didn’t try.

There’s actually a border here, but the blur is 30 so you can’t see it.

Why are these just the default style? I don’t understand.


Hadena: D. At least it seems they did all of them.

SFW: B. Most of them were serviceable and not annoying to the viewer. However, a few of them could be better.

WhyNot: D. These signs look bad but again at least they’re done and the show isn’t really sign-dependent.

Hatsuyuki-Tsuki: The typesetting is a little better than the 2 D offerings but not stellar.

AniBlaze: D-. This is really close to an F, but I guess most of the signs are there. Also, this is not sorted by time.

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