Shakugan no Shana Final 24 – notes and the like


This week is the final episode of Shakugan no Shana Final, a real double final. Though to be honest it’s more like an epilogue, since the previous episode decided everything already… They all refer to the boy, Justus how the God of Guidance did: “heir of both worlds” (両界の嗣子 ryoukai no shishi), referring to his descent.


Again, the script is difficult to understand, and even difficult to catch by listening, and even if I got the lines, turning them into English is a challenge. However, there’s not much to note about it, because Shana isn’t the show with funny references or interesting puns. But as I already started writing this post, let me collect Tiamat’s interjections again for this week’s one-word-sentence corner.

  • 掌中愛児 shouchuu aiji. Tiamat says this when the maternal instincts take over Wilhelmina as she holds the “newborn” Justus in her arms. It literally means “beloved child in your hands”.
  • 容認不可 younin fuka. This time Tiamat confirms Wilhelmina’s statement that they cannot just leave yet. It’s pretty much her way of saying what Wilhelmina said the line before. It literally means “acceptance impossible”.
  • 多々感謝 tata kansha. She again just translates Wilhelmina’s line into Tiamat-ese. Literally means “many thanks”.
  • 依然不安定 izen fuantei. Tiamat here japes at how fresh Wilhelmina’s determination is, pointing out that it’s “still unstable” (literally).


Both Sydonay and Margery go all-out. Here you get a real taste of just how powerful Sydonay actually is: he stands his ground against Margery and Marcosias, even though the latter are using the unlimited energy, using up an amount equal to a million Flame Hazes. When they transform, Marcosias calls Margery his short little fuse (我が短き導火線 waga mijikaki doukasen), referring to how quick-tempered she is.


Shana shows a side of her that I haven’t seen for a while: the original, untainted definition of the phrases moe and tsundere. Her usual “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” line has reached legendary heights.




Fin. (Don’t you dare “inb4 fourth season” now.)

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One thought on “Shakugan no Shana Final 24 – notes and the like

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