Senki Zesshou Symphogear 10 – notes and the like

The previous episode was quite simple, so I hoped that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be quickly done with episode ten as well, but of course it had to be otherwise.


But worry not. I’ve put some of my top men on the job to deal with the scriptwriters.

The episode starts off with one of the nightmares of translators: they talk in English. You know, it shouldn’t be that hard (they could do it in C, back last year). Even if you can’t find voice actors who speak any English, at least hire a poor foreigner university student who does, and make him write the lines based on Japanese. Because honestly, even I would do a better job than this. The obvious difference between the Japanese displayed on screen and the “English” they are saying makes it even harder. Which should I go with? The painfully incorrect English that hardly sounds like English at all, or just translate the Japanese? I chose the latter, while trying to preserve words from the English they say.


inb4 Noise attack. Called.


Good puppy

Chris goes back to Fine’s mansion too, to find the destruction left behind by the Americans. Also all that remains of the Americans. Suddenly Commander Kazanari shows up too with his men, chasing not Chris (as she thinks), but someone else. A certain woman who was at both their sides all the time. Which clearly means that Fine and Ryoko are one and the same. My only problem is that to me they don’t really look all so similar.



They must be true professionals, because they don’t fail to activate a quite obvious trap. No problem, Commander Kazanari neutralizes the blastwave with a martial arts technique. He uses the phrase “release of internal power” (発勁 hakkei). The guy is tough.


Wipe off your tears. She won’t go with the Commander, but she tells him that Fine has completed the Kadingir. She also gets a communicator gadget that she can use for buying food or public transport as well. Not a chance that it’s a tracking device. Not a chance.


Hibiki points out that Ryoko has some superhuman abilities too. Like that purple shield she used during the transport of the Durandal. The Commander is not stupid. He’s clearly suspicious when Ryoko reports in with sound only. When he asks about the Kadingir, she tells them that it’s Sumerian, and it means the Tower of Gods, referring to the Tower of Babel. All the second branch people immediately start looking for a tower that could be the one.


Suddenly four massive Noise fliers appear and the girls are summoned. When Hibiki tells Miku that she’s her sunshine and the warmest place is always by her side, she does so with exactly the same words as in a previous episode. (I don’t have all the scripts at hand so I don’t know which, but it was an early one.) All four Noise fliers head towards the Tokyo Sky Tower (which is pretty much the Tokyo Sky Tree).


Tsubasa uses the same word, sentinel (防人 sakimori), that was used in the title of the previous episode. It’s a quite old word for the border guards stationed in Kyushu in ancient times.

I-I'm not a tsundere or anything!

Suddenly Chris shows up and saves the day. A Symphogear with ranged attacks and massive firepower comes handy in a situation like this.



While the girls become best friends forever (“Oh Chrissie, I knew you’d join us sooner or later!”), the Noise circling around the tower change to camouflage colors and wait patiently. Even they realized that they are talking about something important.

Real superheroes


Chris sings her other song, which is more focused on her sweet side. You could say it’s unexpectedly cute. At the same time just as awesome cool as expected from her. Although the first few lines were clean and easy to understand, then the battle started and it was all noise, Noise and noise. Luckily the Japanese folk at 2ch (the same people who directed me at the correct phrase for the Commander’s power release technique early in the episode) are better at catching lyrics under all the battle noise than I am, so I just fixed some of their mistakes and translated the whole thing. They also pointed out an interesting similarity…


When you overload the Ichii-Bal, it turns into a S-125 rocket launcher platform.


Enjoy your victory in the rain of Noise remains while you can.


I called it.

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