Phi Brain 21 – notes and the like

This isn't Gyo.

Just a week after I translated the Gyo OVA, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the stinky green effect of the germ when they put the effect seen above on Cubic’s face. For some mysterious reason (plot devices etc), the scientist kid arrived at the correct conclusion (at least what we think is correct from Kaito’s point of view): the Phi Brain can see the future. The problem is that even with those superhuman capabilities, the chaotic system of the world isn’t something you can predict to the distant future with any kind of accuracy. It hardly works with the robust system of the weather (but the weather lady said it won’t rain today!) and predicting what other people would say is close to impossible even a few seconds ahead, not to mention a whole apocalypse ahead.

By the way, the 21th letter of the Greek alphabet is Phi (Φ), so if you “number” the episodes of Phi Brain with Greek letters, this is the Phi Phi episode. Just a side note.

I wonder how is he monitoring brain waves from the distance.

Not a stalker. Not at all.

The security of the POG’s network is amazing. It’s not your usual authentication, because why would that work, obviously solving a bunch of kiddy grade puzzles is harder than bruteforcing your way through a few layers of passwords.

Even the hardest puzzle is something I wouldn’t consider all that hard. I didn’t look up how is it done nor did I think of any algorithms of solving it, but if people can solve the three-dimensional Rubic’s cube in seconds, then a two dimensional version (even if double-sided) shouldn’t be all that much harder either.

Someone could enlighten me about the difference between Sage Puzzles and Fool Puzzles, because honestly, I can’t really see any. Except that the only reward in the latter is if you can stay alive.

Oh God, Kaito is solving puzzles again!

... but don't worry, I have a card up my sleeve!

Not a sadist. Not at all.

I can’t really understand what’s the point in impossibly high brain performance if you end up blocking all information in the end? Whatever, shonen cliches save the day, because love can break down any barriers.

Wait, what? Suddenly there’s not just one guy who has the possibility of becoming the Phi Brain, it turns out there is at least one if not two more? This is about as much of a surprise as when we found out that Takuto wasn’t the only one Galactic Pretty Boy. Holy coffee machines, what should we do now?!

Photography 101 - How to remove the red-eye effect.

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