Black★Rock Shooter ep 4 – notes and the like

Why not write about this as well? (Sorry for the terrible pun.)

All the girls

Even after four episodes I’m not exactly sure what to think about BRS. The animation is sometimes great, sometimes terribad, and the lines in general are what you could expect from middle-schooler girls. Which means they are annoying more often than not.

Illegal garbage dumping in progress

The episode starts with Strength throwing Chariot’s remains off a cliff. I can’t really decide what this is supposed to symbolize, since Yu and Kagari hardly interact in the real world.

Shut up, you smurf!

As a commenter was kind enough to point out, Kagari doesn’t say “smurf”. She calls the other girl a fly (you know, the kind that buzzes around in the summer heat). Now as far as I know, calling someone a fly in Japanese is about as much of an offense as calling someone a tree in English. That’s exactly why the girls just laugh at how cute she is. However, in English calling someone a fly might as well be taken as an offense, so I decided to go with something totally random for it. Smurf was the first word that came to mind, and it worked out great.


Black Gold Saw Ms. Saya is enjoying her warm cocoa while it’s confirmed that Yomi is completely nuts. She must be using teenage girl angst instead of sugar.

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