Senki Zesshou Symphogear – Actual TL notes (Episode 7)

I ended up translating the 8th episode as well, because the simulcast is still nowhere to be seen (five hours after airtime), and that suggests that the rest of the episodes will be mine to translate as well.


However, looking at the simulcast subs, I realized two things. One, they had no idea about the transformation songs either, and I doubt they bothered researching them at all, because they seem to be just transliterated. The other thing is that they apparently translated Xythar Googled better than I did, and found out that Kadingir, the name of Fine’s armor means “Gateway of the Gods”, which gave me an idea. I checked the wiki of the Ishtar Gate (the first thing that comes to my mind when someone mentions the Sumerian culture and gates) and then the wiki for Babylon, and there finally I found what I was looking for. Let me quote.

Babylon (Arabic: بابل, Babil; Akkadian: Bābili(m); Sumerian logogram: KÁ.DINGIR.RAKI; Hebrew: בבל, Bābel; Greek: Βαβυλών, Babylōn)

So apparently it should be romanized as Kandingir, and it’s the Sumerian name of Babylon. By “popular etymology” Babylon as a word originates from “bāb-ili” which indeed does mean the “Gateway of Gods” that the simulcasts say. Of course that doesn’t explain why would you call an armor the gateway of gods (let’s not consider the obvious dirty-minded explanation that it’s merely a gateway to the heavenly body under it).

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2 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – Actual TL notes (Episode 7)

  1. It’s called Kadingir in the simulcast, I just meant that I googled the word and it came up that it meant “Gateway of the Gods” in Sumerian.

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