Guilty Crown 18 – TL notes and the like

The simulcast was delayed, so as usual I was summoned as backup.

Burn them with fire!

I start to feel sorry for the poor Tokyo Tower


So, a certain white-haired guy (oh my god, what a pun, what a pun!) returned from the death and started owning everyone. If it wasn’t clear enough until this episode, there are way more parties in this battle than the obvious two. Everyone is just doing what they want, working towards their own little goals (can you even call world domination a little goal?), not one of them hesitating to kill children on the way.

Terran Orbital Cannon decloaked

... and in the Command Center, a kid.

The scene where the old Kuhouin and the other two talk about the global conspiracy caught me a bit off-guard. In an earlier post I ranted about the pseudoscience bullshit in Symphogear, and I was a bit scared that Guilty Crown would turn into something like that as well, just instead of Däniken they’d go for Dan Brown. Luckily it’s not so bad… But let’s look at what they are talking about in this scene.

First, Da’at. Da’at is a bit of an exception among the spheres of the Sephirotic Tree. In a strict sense it’s not even one of the spheres, it’s more like the union of all of them. In Proverbs 24:4 Da’at is translated into English as “knowledge” which covers the role of this Sephirah. I don’t know of any organizations (real or fictional) going by the name of Da’at, but it sure is a cocky choice. Da’at is often considered as the image of God, because it’s usually placed between Keter and Malkuth (the former is the “highest” aspect of God while the latter is the human perspective) – and honestly, I wouldn’t want to join an organization who claim to be the direct representatives of the divine. If you’re looking for related literature, I suggest Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. One of my favorite books ever.

Next, the Freemasons and the Priory of Sion. I really don’t want to write too much about this, because it’s annoyingly popular, so if you are interested about these organizations, just read the respective wikis or the Da Vinci Code if you prefer a more entertaining presentation. I need to apologize, because I didn’t look up the Priory of Sion and mistakenly put Zionists in its place. My bad.


Inori is awesome.

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